Puppy Separation Anxiety


Puppy separation anxiety, to many people is difficult to deal with but with the methods that are contained in this article, you should be able to solve the problem. The problem is one big headache for many puppy owners. Some signs include incessant barking and ripping furniture. Just as it affects the dog owners, it also affect the puppy. Puppy separation anxiety cures is the main thrust of this article.

Puppy separation anxiety, as the name implies means that your dog or puppy becomes anxious whenever you are leaving. Though this is a big problem, the good news is that it can be dealt with as you and your dog have to realize that separation is always inevitable. In other words, you need to leave your puppy alone and go to work or elsewhere.

Let me show you a simple way to handle the problem of separation anxiety in dogs or puppies. The purpose of this exercise is to train the puppy to accept the fact of your absence and adjust accordingly. What you need is a baby gate and an isolated place. The baby gate is meant to curtail the free movement of the puppy. To train your dog, simply put him or her in the kitchen or room or an isolated place with the baby gate. The next thing is to time yourself so that you return at a specific period. Start with few minutes and then increase the duration when you see improvement in the way the puppy reacts to the separation.

The end result of this exercise is that your puppy is able to gain control of the situation and becomes accustomed to your separation or absence. This is a win-win situation for you and the puppy. You will be able to leave your dog for a long time without being anxious and the puppy is able to cope with your absence.

The best solution to puppy separation anxiety barking is to introduce the puppy situations that resemble your absence. Once she sees that as normal, she won’t have problem with your leaving or absence.