Beta Blockers For Anxiety


What are beta blockers for anxiety? These are basically prescription drugs that are designed to deal with heart conditions. They are very good at inhibiting stress. This is achieved by treating abnormal heart rhythms, social phobia, migraine attacks etc. However, it must be noted that beta blockers for anxiety attacks is not recommended for dealing with stage fright even though some people are of the opinion that it can solve the problem of stage fright.

Contrary to what many people reading this may be thinking, beta blockers for anxiety attacks do not stop anxiety directly. However, it significantly reduces the physical signs and symptoms of anxiety, stress or panic attack. It is simply a stepping stone to help victims of anxiety and stress be in control in times of situations that causes anxiety.

Let’s a take a look at some of the beta blockers for anxiety side effects. The side effects depend on the person using it. In other words, everybody using it doesn’t experience the same side effects. The common side effects seen in many victims include fatigue, cold hands, weakness and dizziness to mention a few. Some people who also take the drug complain of shortness of breath, loss of sex drive, depression and problem sleeping.

This is why it is always advisable for you not to take beta blockers for anxiety dosage without the doctor’s approval. This is because it can lead to asthma or heart failure. Also, if you or a loved one plans to discontinue the use of beta blockers, it should be done under the close supervision of your doctor. Failure to do this may result in adverse complications.

It is highly recommended that you only use beta blockers for anxiety list after consulting with your doctor. If you’re uncomfortable with the side effects described above, it is advisable to deal with the problem of anxiety, stress or panic attack with natural methods or remedies. This measure is known to last longer and it provides victims with a better disposition than they had when they were grappling with anxiety disorder or attack.

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