Perfect Resin Molds


Silicone mold is a special cast mold with which you can make various shapes. The compound, poured into silicone molds for resin, completely takes its shape and after drying, a finished product of the desired form is obtained.

Advantages of using ready-made silicone molds:

  • Multiple use. Molds can be used for mass production without losing the quality of the final article.
  • Elasticity. Even thin parts can be easily removed from the mold without damage.
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the possibility of multiple use.
  • Softness of the material. This is a big advantage when transporting and storing molds: they are not subject to chips or cracks when bumped or dropped.
  • The ability to create transparent products.

Working with silicone molds is very simple and allows you to create items of amazing quality.

Image by Thirdman from Pexels