A Woman’s Reach


Photo by Pixabay.com

When people promote women’s health and well-being, it isn’t limited to finding employment opportunities. The movement is to create an environment where women are valued for who they are and what they bring in life experience to the world. It’s really about christian women empowerment. Rather than assault women, the goal is to give them the education and tools they need to thrive. With enfranchisement comes greater control over their choices. Who better to control every aspect of women’s lives than women themselves?


Empowered women reach beyond their own families when they determine what choices they make. They affect society’s perceptions. They influence governmental initiatives. They make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. Empowered women, in turn, empower other women.

Everyone dreams of a better life. Women dream collectively. By weaving the thread of women’s dreams into the fabric of womanhood, they find new means to support each other’s mission. Sharing responsibility for life means forming partnerships with one another. The focus is to find a path together. Rather than lead others to a destination, women with clear vision can see what a community needs from them and how to best serve.

Radical Reach

A woman’s radical reach embraces the inclusiveness of life and grasps the full honor bestowed on everyone in the Creation. When faced with injustice, women grasp each other’s hands and intensify the voices of those treated unjustly. Beyond a violent world is a place of vision where new ways of engagement with each other and encounters with each other can be found anew and profoundly changed for the positive. From the very depths of human depravity and brutality, there comes a movement to rise and reconcile with the powers that be, with the spiritual truths of the universe and with our shared humanity.

One of the humblest and most decent of things a woman can do is to show a willing heart to sufferers and personally share their travails and pain. By turning to face challenges with hearts of joy, women can truly share the experience of suffering and the understanding of spiritual truth.