Anxiety Symptoms In Women


Anxiety symptoms in women are similar to the symptoms in men. The only difference is that it is more severe in women than the men. Many studies carried out in the U.S and UK has revealed that women are more anxious than the men folks. Anxiety is known to affect the entire lifestyle of the victim. Women grappling with anxiety often find it hard to cope with everyday situations and are unable to accomplish their heart’s desire or goal for the day. Fortunately, there are mnay anxiety symptoms in women treatment out there that you can start using today.

Anxiety symptoms in women stomach is not only limited to the physical aspect of their life but it also them emotionally. The problem is specifically determined by the kind of anxiety disorder a woman is suffering from. Many women experiencing anxiety often have the following anxiety symptoms in women.

Fear is one of the many symptoms of anxiety attacks in women. When a woman becomes fearful of events or people, she is suffering from anxiety disorder. This makes her nervous and stressful about meeting people or coping with situations of life.
Another anxiety symptom in women is palpitations of the heart. They experience problem breathing well and effectively.  Pain in the chest is one thing you must watch out for.

Women experiencing anxiety may notice that they sweat a lot. They may even feel a choking sensation, which may be followed by body chills.
One of the many anxiety symptoms in women is dizziness. They may feel their body trembling which may or may not be accompanied by nausea, numbness with tingling sensations in the body.

The above list of anxiety symptoms in women is not exhaustive. For some women, the symptoms might be prolonged while others do not have it. Anxiety is known to affect the general personality of a woman. This is why it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor once you are not feeling well.
It is not wise to treat anxiety symptoms in women on your own. Make sure you see your doctor and let him or her determine the problem, its severity and solution. Not all anxiety medications will work for you. Just because it works for you friends, it does not mean it will work for you.

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