Cat Allergy Symptoms, Sneezing and Scratching?

Cat Allergy Symptoms, Sneezing and Scratching

It should not be difficult to determine if you are allergic to cats or not. Many people are allergic to cats and know that they are. They have never seen an allergist. That is because, whenever a cat is around, they have a bad allergic reaction.

It doesn’t take a genius to deduct that the cat is the one causing this discomfort. What are cat allergy symptoms, and what do you do to rid them without getting rid of your pet?

Some Symptoms to Look Out For

When coming in contact with a cat or cat fur, sneezing uncontrollably or watery eyes are the most common symptoms that you have a cat allergy. Depending on the severity of the allergy, you may have symptoms that are worse than the ones already mentioned.

Some people can have such bad cat allergy symptoms, that they require immediate medical attention. Their throat may swell up and make it difficult to talk or to swallow. These symptoms may be so severe that cats must be avoided altogether.

If you have cat allergy symptoms and don’t want to get rid of your pet, there are medicines and supplements that you may be able to try. If you have tried everything, and everything seems to fail, then it may be time to make a different decision.

To find a complete solution to your cat allergy, you may have to tell your cat good-bye. You may have to find him a home to go to where he will be treated well and loved by all. He will be alright. It is not your fault you have an allergy. It happens in life. Cat allergies are not rare, many suffer from this allergy.

Please remember, your cat allergy symptoms are not your cat’s fault and you can’t punish your cat for this. It is your body’s way of dealing with certain allergens. The allergen here- being the family pet, your cat.

If you are still sure you are willing to try to live with the allergic reactions you are experiencing around the cat, then that is your decision. If you can take medicine and be alright, then you may decide keeping the cat is the right thing. But, if you can’t tolerate the symptoms you are having from the cat, find a good home for your pet, and begin living an allergy free life.