Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions

Have you ever confronted with situations like you eaten something delicious yet you yelled it, or simple vomit??? Thank goshhh…you didn’t!

Well, if you have then also I feel glad to make you aware of such situations, their symptoms, their reasons, and finally the right treatment. And believe me you ought to know them.

What is it like?

In a true sense in a food allergy, the body’s immune system recognizes a reaction provoking substance- an allergen in the food; usually a protein – as foreign and produces antibodies to stop the invasion. It is during these acts that the symptoms are felt/seen.

Allergic reactions

The allergic reactions related to food can last from few minutes to hours and days after eating of the allergic substance. Though the effect of allergy also depend upon the person on whom it affects.


Digestive tract: (nausea; abdominal cramps; vomiting; diarrhea) Mouth: (tingling, swelling of the tongue or lips, lip itching) Skin: (hives, rashes or eczema) Airways: (cough, wheezing, runny nose, asthma)

Causes behind allergic reactions:

The immune system produces increased amounts of immunoglobin E antibody, or IgE, in some people. When these antibodies happen to fight against food allergens, some of the chemicals are released. These chemicals can cause blood vessels to widen, muscles to contract and some skin areas to redden, swollen or itchy.

Suspects (most often)

In adults: Crabs, fish, eggs, nuts, lobsters. But one very bad news is that generally adults do not succeed losing their allergies.
In children: Milk, wheat and eggs. Children are generally quick at outgrowing their allergies to milk, eggs, Soya and wheat but not to other stuffs like fish, peanuts etc.

Reason behind allergy to certain stuffs

According to recent researches the most prominent reasons behind the allergies is hereditary. Like if a couple is suffering form allergy then their off springs are more likely to suffer from the same. But the food allergy generally occurs in infant or children, though can be caused at any age. And also it is not at all that the food you ate once with tongue lolling on it can not cause allergy, so even your favouritist food can be allergic.


• First of all it is very and most necessary for you to avoid such a food that was the reason for allergy. • If a person who is prone to allergies happen to dine out, must insist on knowing the ingredients of the stuffs he/she is going to have. • Emergencies are after all emergencies so can occur at any time. You need to be prepared for any such situation as allergy is concerned. And especially those who are prone to it or have experienced it must carry with them inject able epinephrine to treat reactions due to accidental reactions. And for proper diagnosis and treatment make sure to get follow up from an allergist.

Stay healthy, live well!!!