Health Was Never So Easy…

Health Was Never So Easy...

Today, all of us dream of leading a healthy and happy life, although it is not very easy but we can together make it happen. Most of the diseases, are such that are the cause of our wrong lifestyle. Some of them are involving fast food instead of salads, having no rule or routine regarding the time to sleep and wake up. Then in the same way negative thoughts, jealousy, hopelessness etc. are also supporting factors towards many diseases. It is so because there is a very strong and unbreakable bond in between the body and mind. Like when you are restless then your heartbeats also increase the same way. So high blood pressure and other heart related problems are a result of mental problems and incorrect lifestyle.

That is why, on International Health Day, we should take a resolution that we will bring about a remarkable and positive change in our lifestyle. We should not conduct any such activity that is harmful with respect to the environment and which is not acceptable by our body.

The merits of being an early bird:

Our right time, to get up should be the time of sunrise. And that ideal time is around 4 AM to 6 AM. Whatever we learn at this time we will never forget. And by getting up at this time our body also remains physically and mentally fit. At this time our mind’s concentration power is also very strong and thus this time is suitable for meditation, prayer all this provides a lot of peace to our nervous system. At this time our mind is free from jealousy, anguish etc.

The right time to sleep:

Sleep has its own undoubted significance in healthy and fit body in all aspects. During the sleep our body repairs all broken tissues but there should be a fixed time for us to sleep also. From the point of view of good health this time should not extend to that of 10 to 11 p.m. But often due to certain societal functions, we are often bound to delay this time but remember your time to wake up should not be disturbed because of this and hence should not be changed.

Hurrying is not good:

We should not hurry unnecessarily in any task. Because this act leads to an extra strain and pressure on your brain and body which negatively effects your nervous system.

And thus, in order to avoid any such situation of mental disorder we should before hand plan all the tasks that we are ought to perform. Every work should be done after due consideration and though to it.

The importance of exercise:

By doing exercises, your body’s part become strong and capable and this also helps a good blood circulation. That is why do exercise that suit your age. In this context you must consult your doctor. Anyways for aged people walks and such other light exercises are good. Always remember that exercises do not allow extra fat to get stored in your body. It is being proved through many researches that fatness is the reason behind many diseases some which are deadly.


Your diet should include vegetables and fruits in accordance to the season. But whatever be the season do avoid fast food and oily and fried food. Because in these type of food nutrients are just countable on fingers but are highly injurious to digestive system.
In the morning, as far as possible just include fruits and lemon squash in your breakfast. And remember to chew the food you take very properly. Mind it, that the process of digestion starts from mouth itself. By chewing the food properly the enzymes generated in mouth are easily mixed with the food, which eases the further steps in the concerned process