Relaxation Techniques


When a person is filled with energy, it is easy to get the job done. But when his energetic tone is dropping, any action for him turns into agony. And in order to avoid such condition, it is enough to take care of your body on time. Our well -being and energy levels are mostly determined by the level of physiology of our body. The easiest way to avoid these unfortunate consequences is to introduce a daily practice of relaxation. The one, who knows relaxation techniques, can effectively relax. It means that during holiday he can quickly and effectively restores his wasted strength, increase his energy potential and to focus on the work. There are many relaxation techniques, which can be used by everyone.


Sleeping is the easiest and most effective relaxation technique. It is provided by nature. Daytime sleep in 15-30 minutes restores to 100%. Those who do not sleep during the day and not resort to other means of relaxation, working at the level of 30-70% of their health and in the evening they waste they energy at all. This method of relaxation (NAP time) was used by many great men: Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Edison. Trying to take a nap after lunch, one will notice that after this the person feels much calmer and at the same time actively.


Massage relaxes the muscles of the body and frees a person from unnecessary stress. Even if it is not possible to do a full body massage, it is possible to start massaging of the feet, which are projected all the organs. The massage has two drawbacks — it requires a good therapist and time.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can be done anytime and anywhere: at work, in transport, at home. It takes a few minutes, but its effect is not as pronounced as, for example, have a massage. Some people practice breathing exercises, called “full yoga breath”, and do it with great pleasure, especially when they have to work on the computer too much.


There are different forms of stretching. It isn’t necessary to be the master of stretching, but it is a good idea to do an exercise “cat” stretch forth, left and right before going to bed and it will be much easier to sleep on the back. Stretch on workplace as soon as will feel fatigue.


Meditation is the ideal means of “unloading” of the brain. Who is not afraid of this method receives from it, not just relaxation, but a different understanding of oneself and life. Practice shows that the state of meditation is achieved easier, just when it seems that nothing happens. Meditation is one way to health and uncovering a new indescribable feeling.

One can find a very simple relaxation technique. First it is very important to conduct training at the same place, finding for yourself a certain “place of rest”. Gradually, the body will get used that it is comfortable and can relax. All these techniques require some time to master. Our body has inertia and is able to “remember” over time. But, having mastered these practices, in consequence, the person can very quickly achieve the state of relaxation and peace.

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